Soul mates and books

Hey peeps!

Sorry for the lack of posting but i've been away on a pilgramage across South America, and let me tell you, i've had an epiphany since my return.

I won't go into details, because lets face it, there's some aspects of my life i'd rather keep private, but what i will say is two things that i've come to realise;

1. Chivalry is not dead. (No girls it truly isn't. But it mostly relates to Christian boys. My opinion anyway)
2. I believe in soul mates, and when it is time God will bring mine to me.

Now wasn't that awfully sappy and romantic? What can i say? I guess i'm a romantic at heart. I am also a proud-to-be Catholic and not afraid to say so.

Now the heading said soul mates and books.

Here's the book part.

I was just speaking to my amazing editor today and she is almost done with The Garden of Eden. It is almost here eeep! In other news, yes i did get some inspiration on my trip for The Legend of the Archangel series from my travels, so when i get over my cold i will finish off writing The Chronicles of Silver and Gold and then get onto writing book 2 of the Eden Chronicles, The Garden of Death and The Aqua Secret.
As for Treacherous, well it is about to land in my lovely editor's hands and i am aiming for an october release. I cannot wait to get this book out into your hands!

That is all for now.

Love you loads,

Laura xx


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