Thursday, 16 January 2020

Get The Chronicles of Blood and Stone for FREE!

I've been meaning to post this here but I've kinda been neglecting the blog. So here you go.

Did you know you can not only get The Chronicles of Fire and Ice for free, but you can also get the second book for free too?

Grab your copy of Fire and Ice here!
Then go here and grab your free copy of Blood and Stone.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

DOUBLE COVER REVEAL!!! - Boy Behind the Camera and Girl in the Spotlight

I'm so excited to reveal the covers for my next two books in the Written in the Stars series.
i am so in love and i hope you will be too.

Scroll down to see the pretties, read the blurbs and pre-order your copies.

Title: Boy Behind the Camera
Series: Written in the Stars book 4
Author: L.L. Hunter
Genre: NA contemporary romance
Cover Designer: KILA Designs
Release Date: February 29th 2020


I never thought I’d be so happy to have my face splashed across glossy magazines.
I never thought I’d be so happy to have my dreams taken away from me.
I didn’t care.
But that’s the funny thing about fate.
You leave it up to the stars.
My name is Damian and this my story.

Damian had always wanted to work in movies.
As soon as he was old enough to leave home, he worked hard and moved to Hollywood with dreams to one day own his own film studio.
But everything changed the day Kate walked into his life.
It was love at first sight.
They tried to keep their romance a secret from everyone, but that was near impossible seeing as Kate was the actress he hired. He is supposed to be her writer and director.
But when their secret rendezvous is splashed across the pages of glossy magazines, threatening to ruin everything they worked so hard for.
Damian and Kate must decide what they want more: love or dreams?

Boy Behind the Camera is the fourth book in the Written in the Stars series and the other half of Kate’s story.
 Pre-order here!

Title: Girl in the Spotlight
Series: Written in the Stars book 5
Author: L.L. Hunter
Genre: NA contemporary romance
Cover Designer: KILA Designs
Release Date: April 30th 2020


Where’s the justice in the good ones being silenced and the bad ones being allowed to keep doing what they’re doing?
That’s exactly what happened to me.
I mean, my parents live in the spotlight. They warned me about everything that comes with this life.
But I wanted it so badly.
I just didn’t want to believe the rumors until they became reality, until I saw the truth with my own eyes.
By then, it was too late.
My name is Lexi Dean. This is my story.

Being the daughter of successful parents in Hollywood has a lot of perks. Lexi knows that.
But her parents taught her the value of hard work.
That nothing comes for free and you have to work to get to where you want to be in life.
She just wishes it came with the added lesson of trusting your instincts.
When Lexi can’t decide on which path to take in her career, she gets a job at a theatre in LA, hoping that it will help her make up her mind.
But everything is not what It seems at the theatre, and the old Hollywood tricks of smoke and mirrors and lies are being used to the book.
Soon Lexi finds herself in the middle of a scandal, one which causes her to almost lose everything she holds dear.
Will she fight back and take the leading lady role in her own life? or will she be taken down in a media storm?
Will she become the girl in the spotlight?
Or the deer in headlights?

Pre-order here!

Sunday, 15 December 2019

2019 Wrap Up + A Touch of Sparkle Release

I can't believe how fast this year has gone!

I swear 2019 was the year that all changed us as people. It gave us a few extra grey hairs and scars - physical and mental. I know it has for me.

Since It's now Christmas eve, i thought i might kill two birds with one stone and do my yearly wrap up post and the release post for my latest book in one post. To save you from being spammed and me from doing extra work lol.

Looking back over the year 2019, I am astounded I got so much done.

Here's some of the things i achieved this year:

- Attended my first book signing in Canberra (Though it wasn't very successful. i had to leave early due to heat stroke. It was so damn hot! At least the hotel was lovely.)

- Attended my first big interstate book signing in May in the Barossa Valley. (even though Canberra is technically interstate from me. Not as much as Adelaide)

- Got a new job and promotion at a doggy event company, but then had to leave said job because of harassment.

- Travelled to the USA for the first time! In Hawaii, we went to Kauai Ranch, where they filmed Lost and Jurassic Park, to Tahiti then New Zealand, where i swam with stingrays and went on the Lord of the Rings film set tour respectively. That trip was quite eventful as i got sick multiple times and also fell down the stairs etc. I was quite worrisome for my parents lol.

-Got a kitten! After the death of Smokey 4 years ago, we were terribly sad. We said when the time was right we would welcome a new kitten into our lives. I had always wanted a Ragdoll. So when i found Oscar's breeder online, i messaged them and they told me there was a litter on the way and would i like to reserve one. I said, yes please! So i reserved my little boy, and then got to watch him grow up via pictures the breeder sent me. I knew him before he was born.
My baby boy Oscar is now 1 years old. He is the love of my life and we can't imagine our lives without him now.

-Became an Auntie for the first time! Well, to a human anyway. I have a puppy niece, Rhye, but little Otis was born in June to my other sister. We love him so much. I can't wait to spoil him for Christmas.

- Met one of my idols, Sarah J Maas in April.

- Published 6 books!

There might be more but that's all i can remember for now.

Here's to a successful 2020!


Oh, before you go, here's my last release for the year.

A Touch of Sparkle is a christmas short story, ebook only, set in the Written in the Stars world. You can grab it here for only 99 cents.

Happy reading!

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Torn - Release Day!!!

At last, the third and final book in my angsty, college and new adult romance series is out!

Scroll down to grab your copies now, either direct from me or from your favourite bookstore.

I hope you enjoy. I had so much fun writing this.

Laura x

Buy directly from me.
Purchase from another store.


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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

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Want to get notified when i release a new book? There's this amazing site called Bookbub, where if you follow your favourite authors, they let you know when they have a new book out.

Check it out! You can also recommend your favourite books too. So, while you're there, can I please ask if you could search for Torn: Lakey and recommend it as well. I will love you forever.

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Monday, 25 November 2019

31 Overlook Hotel - New Release!!!

The anthology project I have been working on recently is finally live and FREE to download.
Scroll down to read more about this exciting project and to get your copy.

My chapter, Secret Rendezvous, is a small tease of my upcoming book, Girl in the Spotlight.



The Hotel is not what she seems...
She is a complicated structure, catering to the needs of each patron. Some of those needs, shall we say, are specialized. Step inside, enjoy the glorious beauty of the Hotel, and perhaps accept an exclusive invitation.
Dear Honored Guest,
Enclosed you will find an exclusive invitation to the 31 Overlook Hotel Masquerade Ball. Due to the nature of the ultimate outcome of the festivities, the hotel has requested the explicit details of the event, and what will culminate afterwards, will not be revealed until Midnight at the ball. We promise to delight and not disappoint.
Please understand that if you are holding this invitation then you are among a small group of selected, very important individuals for attendance.
We do not expect an RSVP. Please arrive with your invitation and present it at the front desk during check-in. If you have not spent time at our resort prior, please note that we do have tailored menus available for our guests with refined, specialized tastes. This can be addressed upon arrival.
As always, I am here to serve.
The Night Manager

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Cover reveal!!! 31 Overlook Hotel

Cover reveal! 

Coming soon... 31 authors, one hotel of a story...
I’m thrilled to announce the project I’ve been working on in the background along with 30 other talented authors. My story “Secret Rendezvous” is a small tease of what’s to come in my upcoming book, Girl in the Spotlight. It should be FREE on all ebook platforms. We’re aiming for a release on the 15th of November. I’ll let you know when it’s out.