The Nephilim Universe Reading Order

I get asked this question a lot: "What order should I read the Nephilim books in?"

They DON'T have to be read in order, but for the full experience, I've put together the list for you. I highly recommend they be read in THIS order. As certain events are mentioned and I would hate for anyone to be spoiled or be confused.
This list is displayed on all sites where the books are sold. But i've decided to put it here in one handy place for you.

Enjoy my angels and demons and my universe, and happy reading x

The Nephilim Universe Reading Order:

The Chronicles of Fire and Ice
The Garden of Eden
The Chronicles of Blood and Stone
The Chronicles of Silver and Gold
The Garden of Death
The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams
The Garden of Fate
The Chronicles of Light and Dark
The Chronicles of Heart and Soul
Angel of Hope
Angel of Song
Angel of Night
Daughter of Darkness
The Ebony Angel book 2
The Ebony Angel book 3

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