Change of Release dates

I'm so so very sorry to do this to you, but i'm afraid i have to change the release dates for Treacherous and The Garden of Eden on you. I was originally going to releasing Treacherous first then The Garden of Eden, but that seems a bit silly as The Garden of Eden is finished and Treacherous is not. Also i have a cover for Treacherous but The Garden of Eden does not yet have a cover... but it will soon!

Dates will be announced soon for the cover reveal for The Garden of Eden and its release day blitz and blog tour. That is all pending on the cover which i am in talks with my designer about. A sign up sheet will be posted when i know definate dates.

Then it will be time to organise the release day blitz and blog tour for Treacherous. I am getting excited and anxious about the rest of the year, how about you?

Why am i pushing back the release dates you ask?

Well, i originally planned to release Treacherous August 15th and The Garden of Eden sep, oct or nov  this year but because i am going to South America in the middle of July for about 3 weeks i have to push everything back to after i get back.

The new release date for The Garden of Eden will be.... August 31st and the release date for Treacherous is still pending. The good news is i am about half way through writing Treacherous!


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