I am so excited to be able to share with you the cover for the last Aqua Saga book!

Title: The Aqua Truth
Series: The Aqua Saga Book 4
Genre: YA dystopian/ sci fi
Author: L.L. Hunter
Designer: KILA designs
Release Date: Feb 28 2017


“You are going to be the strongest, most perfect specimen in all existence. You will be the revolution the world needs. It all begins with you.”

Pym Maddox and Rush Rodgers grew up knowing they were different.
But they only realized how different when they exposed General Maddox’s secret experiments.
There is still more underneath the surface.
And Pym and Rush won’t know the truth until they come face to face with themselves.

In the epic final installment of the Aqua Saga,
Who will make it out alive?
And will Pym and Rush ever unveil the truth?

Will Pym become the revolution her father created her to be?

Some truths are best left unknown.

Pre-order The Aqua Truth:

If you haven't yet caught up on the Aqua Saga, you can grab book 1 on sale for a limited time from all ebook stores!


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